BUCK NAKED (green) - fruity explosion, best seller.

BITE ME (red) - smells so good, we can't even explain it's citrusy mix of awesome. 

PERFECT MAN (blue) - the best smelling cologne on the block, best seller. 

LEATHER (brown) - smells just like a new pair of boots, men's best choice.

LEATHER & LACE (pink) - as if leather couldn't get any better, we added a girly perfume spice to it.. the icing on the cake. 

VANILLA LEATHER (brown) - once again, you can't get enough. Leather meets the most decadent vanilla scent. 

GAIN (blue) - lovin' the smell of your laundry room? Take it in your car. Smells sooo clean. 

LOVE SPELL (purple) - smells just like your favorite perfume. 


If we have your choice of scent and shape in current stock, it will ship out or be ready for pick up on the same day as order. IF we so happen to be out of the particular shape, it will be delivered to us & shipped out to you on the very next business day!